Welcome to the Music section. In this section you will get various things from the songs I am listening to right now to my own cheesy songs. I must be clear right now though, these songs may make your ears bleed. If they do then please take this as my disclaimer! :)


This is my latest effort. Bearing in mind I have numerous other songs written I am yet to inflict upon you. This one was written about a rather large character in my life. Didn't actually take me long to write this one......which probably shows! *hides*


Now, this is probably my *cough* "best" song! I am completely aware that this feeling is not shared by the world at large but fuck you, its my song! *sticks out tongue*

Mr Bubbles

Ok, what I am about to let you listen to is something I am not very proud of. Picture the scene, a competition in a magazine comes out. One simple goal, write a song based on the popular game Bioshock 2. The best song would win, obviously. I set to the task immediately with false hope and fresh vigour. I get a catchy tune together then begin to write the melody. As I finish I stand back and marvel at the absolute shit that I have created. Of course I do the only thing I can, send it in! It obviously didn't win, and here it is.....